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In Defence Of #Anarchism: Tearing Down The Links To The Butchers Of #ISIL [New Matilda]

I wrote an article for New Matilda on anarchism and the Islamic State. You can read it here. I may add a few further notes here at some point, but in the meantime, please note that this coming Saturday there’s … Continue reading

Shut down the Seattle NAFTA meeting this Thursday!

Diplomats and lobbyists from the U.S., Canada and Mexico are converging in Seattle this week for the “North America in the Global Economy” forum, organized by the local Canadian consulate. This forum is a celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and a discussion of NAFTA’s future. The Zapatistas…

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One Month Until the Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair!

The fifth Anarchist Book Fair in Carrboro, North Carolina is right around the corner, on the weekend of November 22. In this announcement, we offer a preview of the events, presenters, and participants, along with a bevy of new promotional materials. Don’t miss this opportunity to join anarchists and other brilliant, beautiful, and courageous individuals from around the world in strategizing against tyranny and celebrating our collective power.

This year’s presenters will speak on topics from encryption and digital security to anarchist perspectives on sex work. We’ll hear multiple perspectives on green anarchism and different kinds of prisoner support. A poet who lived in Cairo through the Egyptian revolution will translate poetry from the movement there; a comrade from Barcelona will speak on the successful struggle against the attempt to evict the Can Vies occupation. We’re especially excited to welcome speakers from St. Louis who participated in the events in Ferguson last August.

Other programming includes a state-wide meet-up for anarchist students, aimed at widening the network around Chapel Hill’s thriving UNControllables chapter, and a graffiti art walk highlighting local street art. The day’s events will conclude, as usual, with the year’s best night of dancing.

Most of the tables have already been reserved. We’re happy to announce new participants including Berlin’s Ill Will Press, the New York Anarchist Black Cross, Oak Root Press from St. Louis, and the Jeremy Hammond support committee. Longtime participants will also be represented: AK and PM Press, CrimethInc., Corina Dross, Little Black Cart, Combustion Books, and more totaling over two dozen publishers.

The deadline to reserve a table or propose a presentation is November 1, so if you have something in mind, now is the time to contact us:

We’ve uploaded several new poster designs to our site. Please print these out and post them far and wide. If you’d like a stack of color cards advertising the bookfair sent to your town, shoot us an email at

Hope to see you this November!

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Political Governance and Natural Boundaries on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Grant Mincy‘s “Political Governance and Natural Boundaries” read by Christopher King and edited by Nick Ford.

What is imperiling the desert is human domination of the landscape.

Planning, zoning and development ultimately seek economic growth. There are of course guidelines and restrictions, town hall meetings and financial statements, but at the end of the day centralized economic regimes will develop a landscape if there’s a profit to be made.

Landscapes have been divided, not based on the sciences of resource management, geology or ecology, but rather to serve political and economic ambitions. States draw fictional lines in the sand for the sole purpose of claiming landscapes as property to enclose, develop and regulate. The political boundary is a marker of centralized economic planning — an institution that sprouts cities, municipalities, lush green golf courses and dam construction in arid lands.

Feed 44:

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Let the Market Contain Ebola

American politicians’ attempts to create panic over a potential Ebola outbreak in the United States seem to have failed. Family and other contacts of US “patient zero” Thomas Eric Duncan completed a 21-day quarantine with no new cases appearing in that pool. Two nurses who treated Duncan are now symptomatic, but this seems to be a matter of early protocol failure (in any new health care situation it takes awhile to get things right). I’m reasonably confident in predicting that we won’t see any large-scale Ebola outbreak in the US.

That’s not stopping the politicians from using all this as an excuse for more government control, of course — airport “screenings” by Customs and Border Protection personnel, proposed travel bans from African countries with Ebola outbreaks, formation of a “rapid response” military team, etc.

I’m surprised that libertarians haven’t been smeared with more “see how much we need government?” propaganda than usual over this. But thinking about it, I can see why. It’s not like the governmental response inspires much confidence, and there are obvious ways in which even the current not-very-free market could respond far more effectively. Two potential panic points revealed over the last couple of weeks provide great examples:

Amber Vinson, a nurse who contracted the Ebola virus from Duncan, flew from Dallas to Cleveland and back before her diagnosis, with the approval of the Centers for Disease Control even though she was running a low-grade fever the whole time.

Another unidentified healthcare worker (a lab supervisor who had handled Duncan’s blood samples) and her husband voluntarily quarantined themselves on board a cruise ship, but turned out to be free of the infection.

Left to their own devices, airlines and cruise ship lines would likely handle the potential problem with ease. Unfortunately, they’re literally NOT left to one specific device: A stick test for Ebola that’s “under development.”

The fine print on “under development” is “already in use by the military but hung up in the US Food and Drug Administration’s approval process for everyone else.”

Shipping blood to a lab for Ebola analysis takes several days. The stick test takes minutes and while not yet perfected is probably much more reliable than the current government “screening” procedure of taking passengers’ temperatures.

Suppose you ran a $35 billion company like Carnival Cruise Lines or even a $150 million company like Frontier Airlines. Do you think you’d be willing to fork over during an outbreak for a quick and easy test to protect your passengers from Ebola (and yourself from negligence lawsuits should one passenger infect others)? My guess is that you’d be very willing to do that. In fact, I’m sure the cruise lines wish there was a similarly quick, inexpensive and reliable pre-boarding test for norovirus, aka “stomach flu,” as right now the only way they can respond to outbreaks (there have been a couple) is to quarantine symptomatic passengers and offer those whose trips are affected refunds and discounts.

A truly freed market, completely absent state power plays, would likely look a lot different than the current system. We don’t have any way of knowing how people would travel and to where in a free society (or free world!) but it’s safe to predict that if even the current hobbled market offers better solutions for outbreaks than political government does, a freed market would be better yet.

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Police, Criminal Gangs And Disappearing Students.

       Ukraine, Kobane and Hong Kong, all getting coverage, but our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, has given little or no coverage of a struggle for justice against a brutal regime on the other side of the world. Of course the Hong Kong protests are against an enemy and rival of Western hegemony, while the protests in Mexico are against a "friendly" state of the West, so that would tilt the balance. In Mexico, 43 students and teachers disappeared on the night of September 26. Police beatings, killings and disappearances are not a rare occurrence in corrupt Mexico, but this mass disappearance has spark rightful outrage among the people. If the babbling brook of bullshit wont spread this we must.
     It is accepted by everybody that the police in Mexico, work hand in hand with the various criminal gangs. This from Aljazeera;
More facts from 



They are disappearing the future of Latin America.



Visit ann arky's home at

Sun, Oct 26: Building Community to Transform Our Criminal Justice System (Kingston, NY)

The LGBTQ Task Force to Undo Mass Incarceration and Institutional Racism invites you to join us for a panel discussion on

Building Community to Transform Our Criminal Justice System

October 26, 2014
3:00-5:00 pm
LGBTQ Community Center
300 Wall Street
Kingston, NY

KingstonKingston The speakers include:

Victoria Law
Author of Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women

Imogene Simmons-Kelly

read more

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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 52

Patrick Cockburn discusses the march of ISIS. Howard Lisnoff discusses what the truth about the Vietnam War is. George H. Smith’s 10th part of his series on social laws. Gene Healy discusses Obama’s war powers. Andrew Syrios discusses the left and the warfare state. Bryan Caplan discusses conservative relativism. Abigail Hall discusses radioactive fallout in…

Continue reading at Center for a Stateless Society …

still doing time

as you may know, i think most leftists who are left of, say, obama, are post-marxists, whatever they may say: they are still trying to make marx's predictions come true, still trying to read history through his lens. no empirical data can budge or change this at all: it has nothing to do with reality, but with the emotional momentum of a century-and-a-half old quasi-relgion started by a prophet/messiah with the power to foretell the future (admittedly, he asserted that it was scientific, but so did many eschatological preachers of the 19th century).

so here are some aspects of the content. first of all, since we haven't flown as predicted into the commmunist ecstasy at the end of history, we must still be in the phase of capitalism. so we don't even notice that capitalism and socialism have merged: that it's state/corporate economic/political/military power that's the problem. but, it has to be odd for any marxist to think that capitalism has avoided the terminal crisis as the prophet predicted. starting as long as a hundred years ago, marxists referred to the contemporary phase - whatever it was at the time - as late capitalism, a lovely expression of wishful thinking. seems like you'd get embarrassed about that as the decades tick by, and i would have suggested a number of other dialiectical phases: "late late capitalism," "extremely late capitalism", "unbelievably late late capitalism" and so on.

maybe they got too embarrassed by this approach, though they are not folks who are easily embarassed. so now we're in "neoliberal capitalism" or perhaps since we're thirty years past reagan and thatcher, we're in "late neoliberal capitalism." well the power of capital and political/miltary systems connected with it just keeps consolidating, shows no sign whatever of disintegrating: quite the reverse. so this is where climate change comes in: it will provide the terminal crisis of capitalism: it is the realization of prophecy. people, i must say, are sitting home wanting it to be as bad and imminent as possible, and asserting - while brooking absolutely no dissent - that it is as bad and imminent as possible. it's still science, too.

anyway, i have no idea why you'd want to enter into this line of thought, or even how you'd go about making yourself believe stuff like that, but it is very pitiful. the left has just got to got to got to grab something else, or worship a new messiah or something, cause this shit is boring and ridiculous and interminable. 


Socialist Ends, Market Means on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents “Socialist Ends, Market Means” from the book Markets Not Capitalism, written by Gary Chartier, read by Stephanie Murphy and edited by Nick Ford.

Left libertarianism represents a particularly radical development of generally acknowledged libertarian moral judgments and an elaboration of the implications of moral principles that can be seen to provide plausible grounds for rejecting statism. It can provide bases for challenging and means for reducing or ending exclusion, subordination, and deprivation that are authentically consistent with market anarchism. Thus, it can outline identifiably libertarian means to identifiably leftist ends, and it can persuasively redescribe those ends and means as both genuinely libertarian and genuinely leftist.

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