Whose Productivity? Whose Wealth?

Liverpool economic productivity has shot up since 2004, but who's benefited? This week, the Liverpool Echo gushed that the Liverpool city region was being "hailed for a remarkable rise in its productivity". It was referencing research published by Capital Economics, who claim that Liverpool's productivity growth of 34% since 2004 is the highest in the country. But is the average Liverpool area

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cheese it, the cops! 2014-04-19 08:33:14


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A Few Words About Amigdaleza [Anarchist Prisoners' Network, August 2013]

[I kinda like this very brief statement so I thought I may as well re-publish it here. I took it from the pamphlet Storming the Bastille: Words From Inside The Greek Prisons (2014), translated by The Wild Bunch, published by … Continue reading


Just a thought------


Tenebrous spectres, they exist,   out there,
on the crumbling edge of chaos.
A father, a son, a brother,
a daughter, a sister, a mother.
Fragments of some shattered family structure;
waste products
from a society being driven to destruction
by a hurricane of greed,
living a life that wears out life,
the devious death of exhaustion from existence.

Visit ann arky's home at www.radicalglasgow.me.uk

One tyrannosaurus = 460 gallons of petrol.

Something for you to think about while you refuel your car.

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Bali Vacation Packages

For example, if you are planning to a Bali, Indonesian holiday from Australia, your air fare cost from $172.  Submerge yourself inside the rich culture from the exotic East which Bali embodies on the magnificent Ulun Danu temple inside mountain resort of Bratan.  Consider to possess you golf visit to Bali and every one of this chances is going to be available in your case.  Bali lifestyle is quite laid back based on most in the locals and you'll see that these are very simple when it comes to their livelihood.  These are normal examples of how Bali combines the traditional and modern most effectively for these villas have the traditional thatched roofs using the latest in spas and wire and net connection within it. 

Most from the golf courses in Bali will help you pull a straightforward club carrying golfcart or trolley or have caddies available.  Lombok in several ways just like Bali, and inside decade in the 1990s began to become known by foreign tourists.  So, tourists occupy the luxurious Bali villas almost across the year.  Conditions for surfing here are wonderful all year round thanks to the positioning from the small islands in the Indian ocean, you can even surf within the rainy season that's normally considered off-season.  Popular sportswear brands are available in a very multitude of stores in for prices approximately thirty to fifty per cent under you would pay at home. Paket Tour Wisata Bali

s an incredibly high hilly position with hillsides in addition to valleys plus it feels as though everything is all a new portray close to you to ensure would happen to be a excellent experiencing in your case you.  Apart from that, Ubud is engaged with the cultural and religious life with the communities.  Nusa Dua is the newest luxurious resort area around the island, where you stand more likely to find essentially the most sumptuous Villas in Bali, including hotels, condos and other world-class facilities.  There are plenty of attractive knick knacks to pick up in Bali.  Oftentimes, celebrations of the Bali people are loud and boisterous. 

This is really a well- known place and attracts lot f people.  Travel agents can generally do a sufficient job of suggesting a specific destination to appease the taste of every tourist.  There are so many items to do and acquaintances to become made.  To make it, vacationers can prefer to just head directly to Bali with only their and passport in hand.  The forms of art could be seen everywhere, from local residences to public areas. 

To get the most out of a vacation about the Island from the Gods, many visitors opt for a long-term stay.  The nearly idyllic way for any couple opting to marry on the.  Bali holidays offer visitors a wide number of things to do and places to explore.  The opulence from the court – had its religious parallel inside lavish decoration and dances inside temples.  The Petitenget area in Bali, with many stunning luxury villa rental options, may be a popular holiday area for quite some time now offering romantic couples the possiblity to get away from all this and just take the well-deserved and well needed time together.   

Paket Tour Wisata Bali

The Picket Line — 19 April 2014

Alan Emory, the long-time Washington D.C. correspondent for the Watertown Times, penned a dismissive article about war tax resisters for that paper’s edition.

With its quotes and paraphrases of unnamed “officials” and its furious handwaving, it reads to me as a desperate attempt by the government to throw water on a spreading brushfire by means of a cooperative and sympathetic reporter. (Emory’s parents were both in government, and, as a Washington reporter, Emory was about as antagonistic to politicians as a sportscaster is to athletes.)

Protests for Publicity?

Fewer Americans Using War As Excuse for Dodging Taxes

 Fewer Americans are using the Vietnam war as an excuse for not paying all or part of their income taxes , according to the Internal Revenue service.

And most of them appear to be making the protest for publicity purposes, officials believe.

Instead, the protesters appear to be more active in using the war as a reason for not paying telephone excise taxes.

In both cases, however, the numbers are relatively insignificant.

Out of 70,000,000 income taxpayers, the IRS says only 275 declined to pay up in full because of Vietnam in and only 520 in . So far, the count shows 93.

As for the telephone tax refusals, “about 4,800” out of 50,000,000 users took this line last year, according to Internal Revenue Commissioner Sheldon Cohen.

The American Telephone & Telegraph company put the figure at 700 in and 1,800 during . The figure included 86 residents of Pennsylvania — out of 3,000,000 telephone subscribers — and 25 in New Jersey out of 2,200,000.

IRS officials say the Vietnam protest first showed up as a tax factor in . Individual ran to newspapers and issued press releases, they said, and filed their returns with a note or letter citing the war protest.

Some groups held protest meetings in front of IRS offices and passed out flyers.

The tax collectors’ problems, however, turned out to be surprisingly small. When, after sending out the normal number of letters to the taxpayer, the IRS sent an agent to his home, he was usually greeted with “We were expecting you,” and the taxpayer then told the agent the bank in which his funds were deposited.

The government either filed a lien or, in some cases, went to the bank with the taxpayer and obtained the money right there.

The IRS found out that many of the protesting taxpayers had not received enough income to require any taxes. Others had enough withheld to cover what they owed. Some had salaries attached.

One taxpayer has consistently shrugged off IRS communications, including those showing he had refunds due.

Cohen says the war protest cases are being handled “under special procedures and we are pursuing them through to collection.”

“If any taxes are due we will collect them down to the last dollar,” he says.

Only 1,500 to 2,000 go to jail for not paying taxes in a single year, though, and very few of them belong in the war protest lists. One official said that 25 per cent of the protest petition signers are “students and hippies.”

When the phone tax problem showed up in , the phone companies agreed to make out lists for the IRS of those who would not pay the tax. Ironically, the paper work involved in making the collection is usually more costly than the money owed.

No jailings have resulted from this situation yet.

The most famous protester on taxes and the war is folk singer Joan Baez, who has been seeking a $36,528 refund on her tax payment of $60,948. Although Miss Baez regularly withholds part of her tax because of Vietnam, the IRS goes right ahead and attaches income, property and bank accounts to pay any tax left unpaid. Last week she said she will withhold her entire tax .

The singer paid $6,000 in penalties and interest for . Government officials consider that a fee for what they call “front-page advertising.” Her taxable income in was $110,000.

The first mass tax protest involving Vietnam came with the publication of a notice signed by 350-odd names, mostly writers and educators, led by Rev. A.J. Muste, a well-known pacifist leader who had not paid any income taxes  — well before Vietnam.

Other signers included pianist Anton Kuerti and former Yale Prof. Staughton Lynd, Merrel Lynd, co-author of “Middletown,” and biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgi. In , another protest list was printed in newspapers, and this year a third, with 448 sign…

Here, alas, the reproduction of the article available on-line gives out, and if Emory’s article was syndicated elsewhere in full, I haven’t been able to find it in any of the on-line archives (an abbreviated version was picked up by The Milwaukee Journal).

A Community Meal Called Grub – This Sunday

photo 3(2)

Sunday April 20th – Grub: Community Dinner 7pm at The Owl Factory,    21 Clinton Ave 2nd floor, by the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Watch First the Dishes Then the Revolution by Jeff Stark and get an idea about what Grub is.

We plan to be able to serve approximately 50 people, so it’s first come first serve. There will be plates for vegans and vegetarians alike. About 99% of the food we share is freegan, which means it is excess, ripe, nearly ripe or slightly damaged food that has been recovered from the waste of grocery stores.

photo 1(2)

Most importantly Grub is about building a stronger and more supportive community, so feel free to come early and hang out. We need help gathering, cooking and preparing food for Grub (culinary skill not necessarily required). Volunteers are welcome to bring vegetarian (freegan and vegan is preferred) food and make their own dishes or help out with the preparation in general.

And as we’re sure you always already do, please go out of your way to talk to strangers and to welcome new people. That’s why we’re here.

Please come as early as 3:30pm if you would like to help us prepare the meal! All are asked to make a contribution.photo 2(2)

Check in with us on Facebook twitter, or our here for the most up to date info.

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Carol King wrote "Don’t Bring Me Down?" Really…


You know, Carol King wrote this. What the hell, ehh...

The oddest things make you get all philosophic...which I suppose is why philosophers and those of us who are kinda, sorta like that, the modern Philosophe's or Philosopotasters (if you're not sure what that means, ask Crispin) lead such odd lives. Anyway, I saw a piece in American Songwriter this morning and it got me thinking about, of all things, rock and roll as Apollo's chariot, so to speak. The fact that a truly great rock and roll band has to be able to cover other people's stuff exceptionally well while finding their own way. And, some people you might not expect to have any patience with anyone can handle spoiled prima donnas better than most. But, mainly the fact that lots of us had our lives and sanity saved by rock and roll...

Full piece at the Defeatists. Lots of music. Maybe even some good thinking. Maybe not. Figure it out. Since Typepad has a problem with comments at the Defeatists for some reason, feel free to post here or just email me at FenianSOB@gmail.com.


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Food Not Bombs – Las Vegas Documentary by Michael Zayas

Food Not Bombs – Las Vegas Documentary by Michael Zayas

Food Not Bombs – Las Vegas from Michael Zayas on Vimeo.

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